Information Technology Audit Services Staff Auditor

Company: Louisiana Legislative Auditor
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Salary : $42,000 minimum
Level: Entry level
Type: Full time

Company Profile:
Our staff is comprised of many diverse individuals all working toward the common goal of a better Louisiana. We employ CPAs, public and business administrators, attorneys, computer analysts, IT auditors, and other professionals possessing a broad spectrum of skills. We're also one of the largest employers of public accountants and analysts in the state. We pride ourselves on hiring and recruiting professional personnel and supporting the professional development of those individuals as they advance in the business and management structure of our office. We promote based on merit and strive to be competitive in the marketplace so that bright, energetic, committed individuals will be well compensated for their service.

Our staff plays a critical role in shaping the foundation and future of our great state. Daily, we make recommendations to improve state government operations and safeguard state assets. We are about fiduciary responsibility and commitment to doing what will help ensure that our government improves quality of life for Louisiana's citizens. In an innovative, cutting-edge environment, employees interact with all levels of staff management and officials of state government. If this sounds like a challenging and yet, rewarding career, it is! It's also extremely fulfilling to know that you're helping the people of Louisiana. We'd love to see where you fit in.


Profile of Position and Skills

This is a highly responsible computer information audit risk function for the Legislative Auditor.  The work involves planning, conducting and reporting on general and application Information Technology (IT) control reviews involving virtually all kinds of computers from the smallest PC to the largest mainframe. The position requires a working knowledge of IT auditing techniques, IT criteria and standards on good practices, and other technical matters, as well as generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP), and generally accepted auditing standards (GAAS).

The work is performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and differs from the work of other auditors and management level positions in that it is oriented toward assessing the design and operation of automated controls associated with the audit of financial statements produced in complex information technology systems.

The IT auditor must be able to analyze complex systems, derive logical conclusions, and present them in a non-technical form useful to professional financial auditors in assessing their audit control risk.  The position requires adequate word processing, spreadsheet, data extraction and reporting, and other computer skills.  The position also requires significant interviewing and personal interface abilities.


Minimum Qualifications:

A baccalaureate degree in accounting from a recognized college or university.

A baccalaureate degree in ISDS or computer science from a recognized college or university with at least 6 hours of accounting.


Where To Apply:
To apply, visit to create your applicant profile. Please include the following information with your application: a cover letter, a resume, and a copy of your most recent transcripts.